The atmospheric water generators collect water from the humidity of the atmosphere. The air is cooled to the ``dew point`` and moisture condenses on patented rolls of stainless steel or with special coverage, then enters advanced filtration chambers to provide a reliable source of clean drinking water.



  • FILTER 1: Removes sand, dirt, mud and other suspended solids.
  • FILTER 2: Eliminates chlorine, bad taste, odor and existing sediments (THM), lead, trihalomethanes, copper, chloroform, chemical residues, herbicides, pesticides and other volatile organic compounds.
  • FILTER 3: Eliminates organic pollutants, bacteria and cysts. Minimum elimination of beneficial minerals.
  • FILTER 4: Mineralizes, eliminates existing odors and improves flavor.
  • ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZATION: Elimination of viruses, bacteria, fungi,
    algae and protozoa.


Water always available, both cold and hot.

Location flexibility and minimum maintenance: only filter change and ultra violet lamps.

 Minimum required humidity of only 35% RH.

No need for installation. Only one electrical outlet is necessary.

Economic saving: price per liter lower than bottled water and higher quality.

Minimum required temperature is only 15ºC.

Without displacements.

It does not need water intake for its operation.

16 precise stages of filtering.

No more dependence on the supply of bottled water.

It does not waste water as it happens in osmosis systems.

“0” polluting emissions

What is needed for its installation?

Only one electrical outlet!


The generation of atmospheric water is a technological process that is used to condense water from the air and then trap and filter that moisture to convert it into drinking water.

The atmospheric water generators collect water from the humidity of the atmosphere.

The air is cooled to the “dew point” and moisture condenses on patented stainless steel rolls, then enters advanced filtration chambers to provide a reliable source of clean drinking water. This technology allows significant quantities of water to be extracted from the air and effectively purified at a very low cost per liter.

The technology will produce clean water from the air effectively and economically with humidity levels as low as 35% and from 15º of temperature.

The more effective it is to produce clean water improves with higher humidity levels and temperatures. The higher humidity and temperatures, the more water production for consumption.

The water produced by a water fountain atmospheric  AquaVida is 100% free of impurities, which means that it is free of bacteria, known viruses, air pollution and contamination of metal oxide.

The advanced filtration process works all day and night, without stopping, maintaining an optimum level of purification. Water goes through different types of filters.

Accredited independent laboratory tests show how clean and pure our water is.

There are several important aspects that define Aqua Vida as a leader in the atmospheric water generation industry.

These are:

  • Products that can operate 100% with outside air, which is essential for a high production of condensate.
  • Exclusive stainless steel systems used to eliminate contamination by metal oxides or bacterial deposits.
  • Advanced filtration technology to ensure a reliable source of fresh, pure and clean drinking water.
  • Easy to use, just open the key to have water.
  • Easy to maintain, just replace the water and air filters periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Professional and industrial commercial water units can be expanded by joining several units to meet the demand.
  • It uses a high standard of 99.9% water purification of bacteria, known viruses, air pollution and metal oxides.
  • Maintenance needs will be automatically monitored by Aquavida.

Atmospheric water sources Aqua Vida only need a normal power outlet.

Aqua Vida domestic water sources consume 380 W of electricity (less than a refrigerator).

Water production can vary from 30 liters per day for home and office models, to more than 1,500 liters per day for commercial models and even up to more than 5,000 liters per day with our industrial products.

The optimal generation of water depends on the average temperature and relative humidity. When humidity is high, water can be generated and stored for use when the humidity is much lower. In the data sheets of each unit tables are provided indicating the rhythm of water production at various temperatures and humidity conditions.

The AQ30 model is for use in homes and small and medium-sized offices with groups of 4 to 6 people, small shops, small boats.

It can produce up to 30 liters of pure water a day in a humid and high temperature environment.

The ideal AQ60 model for places with transit of people, offices and medium-sized stores, small gyms, professional offices, medium-sized boats, etc.


It can produce up to 60 liters of pure water a day in a humid and high temperature environment.

The AQ200 model for gyms, offices and large stores. It can produce up to 200 liters of pure water a day in a humid and high temperature environment.

Industrial models of great capacity ideal for oil platforms, military bases, ships, etc.), hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings and humanitarian aid stations.

Aquavida products are designed to operate continuously and only require periodic and simple maintenance consisting of filter changes and general cleaning.

Water filters should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, different in each model.

Aquavida products comply with the EC regulations on refrigeration and emissions.

Aquavida is part of the prestigious World Water Quality Association, which certifies water quality.

If service is required, simply contact your distributor for immediate assistance.

They can communicate with Aquavida in their corporate headquarters in Barcelona or by phone, email, whatsapp or Facebook or most social networks and visiting their website leaving their request, query or complaint.

Our technology will work anywhere with moderate weather and moderate to high humidity. Our systems do not need the climatic fronts and mountain ranges that usually produce rain.